U.S Olympic Traning Center

U.S Olympic Traning Center

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Week...

My blogs are a few weeks late but I will give you the summary of past weeks highlights, mishaps, and adventures. My first day started with a tour of the complex and medical clinic by two staff members who are certified athletic trainers and physical therapists. After the tour, I met with the other intern Shayla from Wisconsin who showed me the ropes of our daily duties as interns. On the complex, we have 20 other interns who work various jobs at departments in marketing, human resources, media, broadcasting and even with specific sports. Luckily, my job requires little time stuck in a cubicle and long hours behind a computer, instead I get to learn tools and techniques in rehab I will use in my career and of course socialize with athletes all day. (One of the great perks to my job) Besides my job, I stay here on complex and live in the dorms with the other interns and athletes. The complex is small and slowly it’s beginning to feel a lot like a family. All the athletes know each other and staff, and since you see each other everyday not only in the clinic but at every meal you become friends. Some athletes have lived here for 10 years and others plan on staying for the next 2 years to get to the Olympics in 2012. It’s pretty crazy to see the relationships between athletes, staff and even the chefs in the kitchen! (Who by the way are so nice and cook the most amazing food!) So speaking of food, the food here is amazing! We are feeding world class athletes some of who need up to 6000 calories a day of healthy delicious food, so there is plenty to eat and choose from. The selection is amazing and everyday a chef can make you an omelet however you want it in the morning and cook you a steak at dinner. The serving line is also lined with a fish option, chicken, vegetables fresh fruit and always pasta. The cafeteria even has a McDonald’s ice cream machine since they are a proud sponsor of the US Olympics!

So back to the daily life…

My second day of work was intern orientation with all the other interns from 8-5pm. At orientation we were briefed on rules, procedures, and how each department works. We even had guest speakers from each department sharing what they do and how they got here. Finally at the end of the day, they had a special treat for us. The Judo team and coaches were going to give us a Judo lesson. Judo is a type of martial arts that is one of the most participated sports in the summer Olympics. Judo is different in the fact that you try to pick up your competitor and throw them on the ground. The class started with us putting on the tradition uniform and learning both body tosses and head locks. After 2 hours of training we were put to the test in a scrimmage, and of course I was nominated from my team to participate. Luckily, I won but I think the guy let me win because he felt so bad for me.
The rest of the week was simple as I learned the ropes and began to meet the athletes and staff throughout the clinic. Just to give you an idea of the clinic we have 2 full time chiropractors, 1 full time physical therapist, and 3 full time athletic trainers. Currently, we have around 100 athletes living on complex with another 100-150 coming in daily to train who live off campus. To help with the number of athletes we have volunteer family practitioners, orthopedic surgeons and optometrists come three times a week. However, when camps, tournaments and competitions come to the complex we bring in outside volunteers from the community to live in the dorms and help throughout the duration of the competition. And just for some interesting facts inside the clinic we are fully equipped with a dental room, eye exam room, 2 physician’s rooms, x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, rehab gym, 2 pools and 15 tables in the main lobby. (It is definitely a world class clinic!)

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