U.S Olympic Traning Center

U.S Olympic Traning Center

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The past few weeks at the job!

Over the past few weeks, I have seen and done tons of stuff in the clinic, some boring and definitely some interesting things too! Some of the most interesting things include learning about all the rehab equipment in the clinic including diagnostic ultrasound, laser, and electric stim. Besides learning about the use of the equipment, we have learned about stretching, taping injuries and designing rehab programs for athletes. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about rehab and everyday work with us to not only teach us but let us observe them at work. On most days the athletic trainers and PT’s let us accompany them to team practices to watch for fun but also watch therapy that goes on for athletes at practice. One of the most interesting practices is going with the PT Kerry to men’s gymnastics. There at practice, Kerry works on two of the guys who are 9 weeks post surgery. Watching the practices are so interesting because you not only get to watch but learn about the common injuries and the history of the sport in general. (side note and interesting fact- men gymnasts peak at around age 26 while women are in their early teens). The staff lets us look at the MRI’s and x-rays from athletes that come into the clinic. We have seen fractured hands, fractured transverse processes in the spine, pars fracture in the lower back and tons of ligament tears throughout the body.

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