U.S Olympic Traning Center

U.S Olympic Traning Center

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Past Few Weeks of Weekend Fun...

As I said, writing blogs a few weeks behind is a little confusing so instead I’ll just divide it up into topics till I can get caught up! The weekends thus far have been great! Although I haven’t even begun to see all the sites around town, like Garden of the Gods or the incline, I have stayed pretty busy. The first weekend I was here I went with three other interns to the NCAA Men’s gymnastics meet at the Air Force Academy to watch the US team compete with 5 other university teams for a friendly competition. The following weekend, I went snowshoeing in the mountains with another intern and then we went out as a group downtown to celebrate January birthdays. The next two weekends was spent working both Saturdays at the complex’s “recovery center”. This particular building on campus is a fully functional spa complete with hot tubs, cold plunges, saunas, steam rooms and massage tables. Saturdays are relatively easy, as I just man the desk and make sure the appropriate athletes are using the facility correctly.

Besides working the recovery center, the intern group has gone bowling, out to eat, to the movies, had a super bowl party and even went to the US women’s hockey game vs. Finland.
All the interns are so nice and since the winter games have started most week nights after work are spent in the lounge watching the events together. With plenty of weeks left in my stay here in Colorado, the group is planning big events and trips, like going skiing/snowboarding, hiking, going to a Denver Nuggets basketball game, baseball game and we are even planning intern Olympics. The intern Olympics are a big event where the interns are divided into 4 teams that compete against each other in Olympic events. Before each event coaches and athletes from the sports give us a quick lesson and then the games begin. Some of the events this year include; water polo, fencing, handball, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, 5K run, and an eating competition.

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